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Graduate Student Researchers

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Ananya Zabin (PhD Candidate)

Victor Philippe (PhD Candidate)

Runqing Gao (Statistics) (PhD Candidate)

Hayat Abdulla Asad Cue is a Ph.D. Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Doctoral and Masters Students
Graduated – Congratulations!

jacob rose
Jacob Rose (Completed his PhD in the lab in May 2023)
Suha Reddy Mokalla (Completed her PhD in the lab in August 2023)
  • Susan El-Naggar: Completed her PhD (Graduated Dec 2022)
    • Highlights: Tokyo News: Interview on Ear Recognition
  • Cameron Whitelam Completed his PhD (Graduated 2015)
  • Nerru Narang: Completed her PhD (Graduated 2017)
  • Nnamdi Osia: Completed his PhD (Graduated 2017)

Master’s Students – Current

  1. Collins Rakowski  (MS started on Dec 2022)
  2. Kyle Becker
  3. Andrew Benecchi

Master’s Students Graduated:

  1. Xue Young
  2. Arvind Jagannathan
  3. Neeru Narang
  4. Allyce S. McWhorten
  5. Xuan Xu
  6. Rohitha Reddy Matta (Graduated 2017)
  7. Sara Abdeldyem (Graduated 2018)
  8. Suha Mokalla (Graduated 2020)
  9. Pratyusha C. Vakkantula (Graduated Dec 2020)
  10. Greg Murrey (Graduated May 2022)   
  11. Parker Ensing (Aug 2023) 
  12. Ryan Rodriguez (May 2023)

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